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by Rhoder

Firstly, wow. Not only did I love this book, but I loved it from the very get go. Which is more than I can say for many of the books I ...

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When my university stabs me in the wallet...

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 4:32 PM
$300 for a text book.... 300 Auzzie Ds. That's the most painful book I've ever bought. I don't know if that's expensive for you guys, but it's definitely the most costly book I've ever bought. Unfortunately, it was mandatory, so I had no choice. A lot of the time I get away without buying textbooks at all, or I buy them for cheaper online. This book was just as expensive online though. 

...It better have pictures in it.

Anyway, I have finished my first week of uni (as my class was cancelled today, and Friday is my day off). And... it's alright so far. Geophysics was hard to concentrate in. As you'd expect, there's a lot of maths involved and that puts me to sleep. We're starting on gravity, which is alright I guess. I was also given my first assignment for that class. I have to give a presentation on electrical conductivity and induced polarization in a few weeks time. I don't suppose anyone's into physics?

My other class, optical mineralogy (the one that requires the expensive text book) was alright. The lecture pretty much consisted of my lecturer bagging out biologists. We're spending the first few weeks looking at mineral thin sections with petrographic microscopes. The microscopes took a bit to get used to. They're pretty complex in comparison to any other microscope I've used before, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Under it, the thin sections look amazing! Well, some do... some just look clear. Biotite in particular looked interesting. If I had the ability I'd take pictures and show you all. 

I didn't have Australian Flora this week, but we'll see how it goes next week.


Journal Skin by: Zaellrin
Chapter 11 – Out of the tunnel, into the woods.





The long trek with Ymaine and three strangers was long, tedious and nerve-wracking for Greyden. Ymaine had long fallen into silence, following the suit of the remainder of his companions. Greyden found the silence both welcoming and yet foreboding. He was not in the mood for idle chatter, but then, at the same time, the silence brought with it a barrage of dark thoughts he’d rather not be pondering. The potential battle that awaited them had him on edge in particular.

There was an obvious lack of trust amongst all, and it poisoned the already thin air. Greyden had never once commanded a troop, big or small, who had such intense mistrust in each other. Back in the day the guardsmen were all well acquainted, friendly and trustworthy. He knew they would have his back, just as they had each other’s. But this group… What was to stop the thief running the second they were all caught in battle? Leaving them to their fates while she took her freedom and went? And the survivalist, Desmond- would he renege on their deal? Would he fight for the group in battle, or just for himself? Greyden didn’t even know anything about Stephen. He looked a measly man though. Could he fight, or would he flee? Even Ymaine, Greyden’s oldest friend, had been giving him shifty looks since the very start of the expedition. It had been a while since they had worked together, and Greyden had to admit, he himself had changed considerably since those days. Though they had only been travelling together for a brief time now, already the tension was beginning to crackle between the two. Though unspoken, it was as evident as ever.

It was some of the decisions he’d made, Greyden determined. That’s what the big man was stewing over. Back in the day, right and wrong had been easy. It had been whatever the council said it was, and the guard had just followed along happily. Since becoming an advisor, Greyden’s perspective on things had changed. Outside the black and white structure of the Carrumdale Guard things were very different. And though Ymaine was much older than Greyden himself, he had served the Guard since he was very young and had done nothing but.

Greyden stopped his train of thought suddenly with a shake of his head. What was he doing? Was he trying to justify himself? Was he trying to measure his opinion as better than that of his old friend?

Perhaps he himself was wrong. Perhaps he had lost his mind, and his decisions were poorly made, pointless and wrong. Was he being radical, as he suspected Ymaine thought?

Probably, Greyden surmised, though perhaps radical steps were what were needed. The message he carried was of the utmost importance after all. And a woman, his woman’s life was in danger…

What did he care really? It was just another action to feed into the many that made up the chaos. He would already be feeding the turmoil just by delivering this note. The politicians would read it, fight over it. Then the nobles would read it, fight over it. And finally the commoners would get to hear what was going on. Of course, they would fight over it too even though nothing they really said would ever matter anyway. The whole event would become a giant, angry, bloodbath of aggression, and then the elves would arrive while everyone was still arguing and kill them all.
Greyden sighed, and pinched his nose.

No, that’s not how it was going to happen. He was catastrophizing things again. He corrected his thoughts, with a deep sigh. He needed to think clearer than this. Decision making was best done when the mind was free of emotional cloud, and decision making was an important part of what made a leader… that, and confidence.

Saying that, Greyden had never felt less confident of his decisions in his life…

Similarly, he hadn’t much confidence in the current group either. He was overly aware of the disadvantage all of them being strangers posed. None of them had never truly fought together, and there was no trust, no knowledge of each other’s abilities. In Greyden’s experience, the team united was the team that triumphed. Though he was not completely hopeless, he worried as to how this group of misaligned strangers would fare in battle.

Greyden sighed again, dragging his thoughts back to the present. He was being overly morose at a critical time, a trait he would have chided any rookie guard for. Now was what was important, his worries could wait. He had to focus on the moment, lest he miss it.

Greyden continued along, rising his torch to better see the tunnel further ahead. Although at first he hadn’t minded the tunnels, he was now starting to agree with Ymaine. As they descended further the moisture increased, making the air sticky and the ground a little slippery. They had even started seeing the formation of stalagmites and stalactites. The air, at least, was getting a little easier to breathe, as they had started to ascend back upwards. This was of no comfort to Ymaine who, although had stopped verbally complaining, still squirmed uncomfortably beside the ex-captain. Greyden was starting to suspect that the man was a little claustrophobic, though he daren’t ask. At times Greyden thought his rather face a dragon than the big man when he was stubbornly defending his pride. Instead, he placed a reassuring hand on his old friend’s shoulder. The motion was approved, as the big man clasped his arm briefly in return.

Then, with a sudden blinking realisation, Greyden stopped. He hissed at the group to follow suit. Then, automatically, he pressed himself up against the dampened wall and extinguished his torch. The cavern was immediately plunged into an eternal blackness.

‘Hey, what-?’

Another hiss from Greyden had Steven’s words faltering into silence.

Around him Greyden heard the rest of the group scrambling, probably following Greyden’s actions and flattening themselves against the wall – or so he hoped. He waited impatiently for the group to settle, before they all fell into silence. Around them the steady distant drip of the cavern’s moisture echoed off the walls, giving the haunting illusion of residing from every direction. But beyond that there was nothing – absolute silence.

‘What is it?’ Ymaine whispered from beside him, his voice a low growl.

Greyden didn’t reply, still straining his ears. His confidence faltered. Perhaps it had been nothing? Was he becoming too paranoid?

‘I swore I-’

Voices,’ Desmond interjected, his voice growing closer in the darkness, ‘ahead.’

Greyden still heard nothing, and once again found himself suspiciously stunned at the Survivalist’s impeccable hearing. There was no time for questions, though Ymaine certainly tried. Another louder, more impatient hiss from Greyden had the big man fall silent with a childish huff.

‘Desmond. What else can you tell?’

There was a moment of silence while the Survivalist pondered.

‘Three or four,’ he said after a while, ‘still a fair distance, though they are moving in our direction. We have time.’

‘Right,’ Greyden said, his mind ticking, ‘we have the upper hand-’

‘Can’t bloody believe they’d come in after us,’ Ymaine interrupted with a scoff, ‘They had the perfect position to ambush us. Why take the fight to us? I think he’s lying.’

‘And I think my sword could easily slice your idiot tongue from your mouth,’ Desmond hissed, ‘shall we see which of us is right?’

Greyden pinched the bridge of his nose with an irritated sigh.

‘They’re probably doing what they think we’re least likely to suspect,’ he said, cutting across Ymaine’s crude reply, ‘the smart thing would be to ambush us, so that’s what we’d be expecting. My guess is they’re hoping to surprise us by meeting us head on. I think we should turn it around. The element of surprise is potentially ours, if we utilise it correctly.’

‘So we ambush them?’ Steven surmised.


‘Shall I scout ahead and stake them out?’

Greyden almost jumped as the voice of Arlyne finally sounded. She had managed to soundlessly position herself in front of him, still invisible in the dark. After recovering from the initial shock, Greyden pondered over her request. She was certainly capable, and obviously confident, though seeing through the dark would be a task and a half. Lighting a torch would be far too risky as she approached their attackers. She’d have to rely heavily on her hearing and touch. Could she do it? Not only that, but could she get close enough to properly determine their outfit and effects?

And what was stopping her from simply sneaking past them and escaping by herself? Leaving the group to their fate and her to her freedom? The answer was clear- absolutely nothing. Yet he had trusted her with a blade so far, and had not yet lived to regret it. And she probably could have doubled back without their notice and snuck back past other possible pursuers. But she hadn’t. So far she had honoured their agreement to the letter. Still… the night was young, right?

No, Greyden thought, they were already a very rocky operation. She had proven herself thus far, and, no matter her past crimes, she had done nothing but assist them. Greyden was still dubious. It would be stupid to trust her so blindly, especially considering how they’d found her. Even if the guards were under the control of the Shadow guild, she’d clearly been involved in some shady dealings. Still, when he was Guard Captain, his one vice was to give everyone a chance, no matter their past or family ties.

Besides, they simply didn’t have the time to question trust.

Arlyne had waited patiently while Greyden pondered over her request. Or… Greyden assumed she had. There really was no telling what was doing on in such complete blackness.

Finally, he responded.

‘Okay go ahead,’ he drew in breath, hoping he’d not regret it, ‘But be careful. Find out as much as you can, but don’t push it. Don’t get caught, or seen. We don’t want to give away our advantage. And above all, come back.’



‘She left,’ Desmond said, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Greyden huffed.

‘Greyden…  Should we have sent the possible murderer off to scout?’ Ymaine asked, unable to hide the disapproval from his voice.

‘We are in no position to question our trust in one another now. Tensions are high, and she has yet to cross us yet. There are some things we must sometimes leave to chance.’

Ymaine cleared his throat and raised his voice slightly.

‘Yes, but-‘

‘Silence your ox Greyden, less they hear us,’ Desmond warned over the big man’s objection.

Greyden could feel his old friend bristle beside him.

‘You! Take those swords of yours, and-’

‘Enough!’ Greyden hissed before Ymaine could reveal what Desmond should do with his swords, ‘we are about to engage in battle. This is no time for petty bickering!’

The four men fell into silence.

‘She’s no murderer,’ Steven said after a while, his voice clearly strained and shaking with anger.

‘I’m not-’

‘Okay, case closed!’ Greyden insisted, cutting off Ymaine for the thousandth time.

Some leadership abilities, he thought bitterly. He couldn’t even keep this group quiet in the wake of an attack. Would they even reach Capita? Or would he successfully run them all into the ground, just as he had himself?

He fingered the bridge of his nose once again in frustration. Damn himself and damn the lot of them! Thank the gods such a travelling arrangement was only temporary. Otherwise they’d all tear each other apart before long.

Silence fell again, while Greyden turned his mind back to their position, trying to determine the best way to set up an ambush. He knelt down, unshouldering his pack. It took a brief scramble in the dark for him to find the necessary tools to relight his torch. He suspected the enemy was still far enough that the light would not give away their position, plus, he really needed to better assess their surroundings. From memory they had been about to step out into another cavern. They’d need that, especially considering their unfamiliarity with each other’s fighting style. Greyden knew that Ymaine alone could accidently lob his head off if confined in such a small fighting space. The big man had always been an ‘attack first, think later’ sort of fighter. And he could just see the irate survivalist taking the opportunity to ‘accidently’ take a swing or two at Ymaine.

Finally Greyden’s torch blazed into life and the walls lit up in succession. Greyden reshouldered his pack, leapt to his feet and took a look around. First he did a quick check on his companions, making sure they hadn’t silently killed one another within the last few minutes. Three relatively grumpy, but alive faces stared back at him. Good.

Greyden then turned to survey their surroundings. Indeed his memory had served him a correct image of their future battlefield. Just a few paces ahead was an opening to what looked like a small cavern. Greyden strode cautiously forward.  He had to duck slightly to enter the chamber, as the ceiling dipped sharply before opening out into the vast expanse. Behind him, a loud crack, followed by a string of curses indicated that Ymaine had not been as attentive.

As he strode deeper into the cavern the group splayed out around him. The cavern was large, but small enough that Greyden’s light managed to illuminate the majority of its contents. Over the other side an entranceway just as small and narrow as the one they had just walked though resided.
Desmond raised his arm to point at the tunnel.

‘We strike from there.’

It was more of a statement than a question, but Greyden nodded in agreement anyway.

‘One either side of the entranceway. We’ll use the darkness. Maybe let one of our attackers through a little of the way in before we strike so the other will still follow. Maybe we take two out without alerting the others,’ he added, scratching his stubble thoughtfully.

‘Then back off as to draw the others in,’ Ymaine contributed, ‘the two remaining men should go down easy.’

‘And if the others run instead?’ Desmond challenged.

Greyden grimaced.

‘We let them go,’ he said simply.

Desmond raised an incredulous eyebrow.

‘So they can devise another plan of attack? Or go for reinforcements?’ Oh yes. That’s a good idea.’

‘They’d be mad to attack us again. We’d more than double them in numbers by that stage,’ Ymaine argued.

‘Wasn’t it you who said they’d be mad to take the fight to us- and what are they now doing? Never underestimate the power of true stupidity,’ Desmond shot back, ‘I say we give chase, and do not rest until the threat is properly dealt with.’

Greyden shook his head at the Survivalists proposition.

‘Enough blood has been spilt over this. I won’t attack someone who is surrendering or retreating.’

Ymaine made a noise of agreement at his side, but Desmond sneered.

Fine, if you wish things harder for yourselves in the long run, so be it.’

He drew both his swords and moved to stalk over to the other side of the cavern, clearly disgruntled and muttering angrily to himself.

‘I think the Survivalist is right,’ Steven said, moving to stand at Greyden’s other side.
Greyden sighed for what seemed like the millionth time that day.

‘So do I- to a degree,’ he said neutrally, ‘then to another degree, I do not.’

Steven did not ask the ex-captain to explain himself further, and so Greyden gladly refrained from doing so. Instead, he proceeded with their makeshift plan.

‘Desmond and I will strike at the first two-’

‘Why is he getting first strike? I still think he’s lying, Greyden. There’s no way he can properly determine exactly how many people there are and how far away they are. It’s impossible. I can’t hear a bloody thing!’

‘He was right before,’ Greyden reasoned, trying to remain even tempered.

‘He was lucky.’

‘We’ll see when Arlyne returns,’ Greyden said, in an attempt to close the subject. He had to admit though, he was becoming increasingly aware of her continued absence.

If she returns,’ Ymaine mumbled, mirroring Greyden’s thoughts.

Greyden fought the urge to throttle the man.

‘I chose Desmond for first strike because he seems the most agile,’ Greyden explained, remembering the Survivalist’s acrobatic displays when they had first descended down into the tunnels, ‘while he’s dealing with the first, I’ll go for the second. Once we’ve pulled the first two aside you go down the middle and engage the remainder.’

‘We better tell him that,’ Ymaine said, glaring at the Survivalist, who had already positioned himself next to the tunnel opening on the other side of the cavern.

Greyden looked at him too and their gaze met, though his face was mostly overshadowed by the poor light.

‘I have a feeling he can already hear us,’ Greyden said, not taking his gaze from the man, but starting to frown in thought.

Ymaine simply grunted.

‘I know that he’s questionable,’ Greyden continued, ‘but we’re paying him, and I don’t think he’s the type to break contract and risk not getting paid.’

Questionable is one way of putting it,’ Ymaine huffed, folding his arms, ‘But I suppose not.’
Feeling the big man’s anger ebb away Greyden tried at a smile.

‘Come on,’ he said, ‘the quicker we get to Foxwick, the quicker we can drown ourselves in mead and forget about everything.’

‘Here here,’ Ymaine said with a growl of approval.

The two started off towards the other side of the cavern with Steven silently in tow, just as Desmond signalled with a motion of his hand. Greyden hoped that meant the return of Arlyne. He was pleased to see the petit woman appear in the entranceway.

He made his way over to her and she threw a battered looking sword at his feet.

‘It’s as the Survivalist says,’ she began, ‘four guardsmen. All men about your size’ –she nodded directionally at Greyden- ‘All in official uniform- breast plate, and standard weaponry.’

‘Right,’ Greyden nodded, vastly familiar with the standard kit used by the Janwall guard. At least there would be no unfortunate surprises in the way of weaponry.

‘And what’s this?’

Greyden stooped down to pick up the sword. Up close it was steady, balanced and well-made, but had fallen to some series lack of upkeep and neglect. He almost shuddered at the owner’s lack of discipline.

‘A trophy,’ Arlyne said with a sly grin, ‘as is this… this… these…’ From her coin purse she had started pulling out an assortment of coins, rings, gems and other knick-knack type items. ‘And this…’ She motioned towards a dagger which she’d strapped in place against her thigh, counterbalancing Desmond’s dagger which had been strapped to her other leg.

Greyden and Ymaine exchanged incredulous glances.

‘Of course,’ Greyden said dryly, though he felt slightly heartened at the thought that one man now unknowingly had no weapon.

He’d have to watch for that one. He wasn’t about to assault an unarmed man.

When it was clear that Arlyne was done with her report Greyden began to fill her in on their makeshift plan.

Arlyne nodded along, but, like Steven and Desmond had, regarded Greyden quizzically when he mentioned not perusing any fleeing parties.

‘Is that wise?’ She queried, ‘their first call will likely be for reinforcements.’

‘Why not,’ Desmond interjected, ‘let’s invite them all down here. We’ll have tea.’

Eugh,’ Greyden grunted, in earnestly the best response he could muster, before continuing.

‘If what you say of the tunnels is true, we are nearing the exit,’ he figured, ‘we should be out before any reinforcements can make it back. If not, we can deal with it.’

Arlyne shrugged, ‘it is an action which potentially poses further risk to us, but I can understand your motives from a moral standpoint. It is good to avoid unnecessary killings.’

Greyden blinked, surprised at her momentarily. Though he had fully doubted that she was some psychotic mass murderer -as Ymaine had been frequently whispering in his ear- he had not seen her as someone who would fully understand and accept his morals. Even Greyden himself had to admit that there were risks involved with just simply letting the enemy run. But those men potentially had friends, wives, children… Those were the people who would really suffer.

Putting it from his mind, Greyden quickly hurried along with the remainder of his plan. He was nearing the end of his explanation when Desmond hissed.

‘Silence! Less they hear us!’

It was a clear indication that the guardsmen were now within listening range, or so Greyden supposed. He let the end of his plan trail off, confident that Arlyne could work out the remainder herself. She and Steven were to back up Ymaine. Greyden had purposely placed them at the back as Steven was clearly the measliest of the men and Arlyne was still noticeably limping from her time in captivity. She accepted his words without question. And Greyden found it almost amusing that, of all of them, she was the one who had unquestioningly accepted his leadership. Was she really operating under the notion that she owed him for freeing her? She did not seem the type. Or maybe, more reasonably, she just figured that there was no time to argue – A lesson Greyden wished she’d teach Ymaine.

Greyden motioned for Ymaine, Arlyne and Steven to flatten themselves against the wall as he and Desmond had. Ymaine hurried over to Greyden’s side, while Arlyne and Steven went to Desmond’s. As if in unison, they all drew their weapons.

They spent the next few moments in silence, their eyes flicking to one another in turn, before the subtle, distant sound of voices finally reached them. Greyden strained his ears, trying to catch snippets of their conversation… trying to gauge their distance…

‘…yeah but th’ quicker we get them guys, th’ quicker we get our coin, so stop ye moaning.’

‘I still think this is stupid,’ another voice complained, ‘stupid idea.’

‘Well I ain’t caring what ye think,’ the first speaker said again.

‘Will all of you shut up?’ A new speaker growled.

Infighting. Good. A possible sign that they were just as ineffective at team work.

Their bickering continued, touching briefly on each other’s appearance, wives and mothers, before doing a full circle back to their situation.

‘Ye know the ropes right? Kill ‘em all but th’ girly.’

‘Yes, yes,’ the another grumbled.

‘Jus’ so I know. I can’t have ye stuffin’ up me reward.’

Their footsteps grew clear and louder, the echo reverberating around the cavern.

Closer… Closer... . Greyden’s sword hand twitched with the anticipation. Closer…

They were very close now, their voices loud and coherent. Greyden shared a brief look with Desmond, looking for a sign that the Survivalist was ready. He gave no other motion other than a piercing glare and an eyebrow raise. That was good enough for Greyden . He quickly smothered his torch, plunging the cavern once more into darkness, and placed it upon the ground out of the way. Then, he changed up his stance for a more comfortable striking position. He stood still, his breath caught in his throat. Watching… Waiting…

The doorway was now emitting a faint glow, illuminated by the guard’s torchlight. They were very close. Greyden could almost hear them breathing. Their conversation had now become bedlam to his ears as his mind conditioned itself, prepared itself. There was the loud, confirming, crunch of boot upon dirt, and the glow erupted into a flame as the torch came through the doorway. A long, plated, arm followed after it.

Greyden drew in a sharp breath.

The first man entered through the doorway, still in a distractingly heated debate with his unseen companion a few steps behind. A split second later the second man followed, within merely inches of the first. It couldn’t have been more perfect. They were still entirely oblivious, to Greyden’s presence, but it wouldn’t last. The darkness worked well to shelter him and his companions, but these guards were not complete fools. They would notice soon enough. It was time to act.

Greyden braced himself, testing his grip on his sword, slowly releasing the build-up of exhale he had forgotten to release.

He exchanged a brief glace with Desmond under the flicker of the enemy’s firelight, unspoken words passing between them.

Then, they struck.
The Plight of Magic - Chapter 11 (Part 1)
Okay, so this is going to be one long chapter, fitting I guess, since the last one was so short. It took me days to work out where to split it into the two parts, but finally I determined that this was probably the best place. I did a lot cutting from this half of the chapter. I seemed to want to over describe everything and kept forgetting they were in pitch black for most of it and couldn't see anything. It should be all fixed up now though.



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Writing habits.

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 22, 2015, 5:07 AM
I have a random question for all my writing friends. Does anyone ever start physically doing what they're typing. Like, if a character sighs, do you sigh as well? Or if a character coughs, do you cough also? I seem to do this all the time. I just can't help it. I don't really even notice until I'm typing with people in the room and they all start looking at me weird. 
Apparently I've been doing this for a long time, and I never realised. How weird is that? Now that I'm aware I'm trying to catch myself doing it, but usually I don't realise until I'm either in the middle of doing it or have done it.

It's especially frequent in the current chapter I'm writing because Greyden is sighing CONSTANTLY. It's actually getting harder to write because he keeps bumming me out. Cheer up Greyden! It's not all bad.

Does anyone else have any other weird writing habits?


Journal Skin by: Zaellrin

Everybody in the town was at a meeting. I was there with my friends Alice and Ian and my mum. My dad wasn’t there because he was evil. I had a cristal in my head and that meant I had hidden powers. I was chosen to go kill the evil wizard Volk and Alice and Ian said they would go with me. The meeting finished then, and then we decided to leave soon.

Just then two griffins came and killed Ian. They flew towards me. I ripped a pole out of the ground and hit the griffons on the head, they fell down.

‘are they dead?’ said a little boy who was close by.

‘Yes,’ said Alice.

Just then Ian’s mother and father came rushing to ian.

‘is he dead?’ shouted ian’s mother.

‘I’m afraid so,’ I said.

After that alice and I started to pack. We packed really powerful wepons. My mum gave me a bag.

‘Pick some berrys from the bushes for food before you go,’ said mum.

‘Yes,’ I said.

Then Alice and I set off. As we climbed the safe wall I noticed it got very misty.

‘I think we need to camp the night here,’ I said.

So soon we both went to sleep.

when I woke up Alice was putting her back pack on. I got my back pack on also. Then we ate and set off.

Just then a person stepped in front of us.

‘Go back’, he said.

‘No!’ I said.

‘then you will die,’ he said.

Then he drew a sword.

‘we can use magic Against him’, I said.

Alice and I cast a spell and killed him. Then I went through his bag and took all of his spells and wepons and a power sword.

I looked at the power sword.

‘this is so powerful!’ I said.

‘Yes it is,’ said Alice.

I lightly touched a Tree with the power sword. The tree exploded into tiny pieces.

‘wow,’ Alice said.

Then I aimed it at another tree. The sword blasted it with magic and it turned orange and exploded.
‘Wow,’ I said.

‘Cool’, Said Alice.

‘Let’s go,’ said Alice.

‘Ok,’ I said.

So we set off. As we fought through the trees another person jumped out, but he had no wepons. Then  I noticed that the person was actually a vampire. The vampire spoke.

‘I’m really sorry to disturb you,’ said the vampire.

‘that’s ok,’ said alice.

‘Could you do me a favour?’ said the vampire.

‘Anything,’ said alice.

‘Alice I’m not so sure,’ I said.

‘Come on What harm can he do?’ said Alice.

‘Ok can you please give me a sword?’ said the vampire.

‘Ok’ said alice.

Alice got the sword and gave it to the vampire. The vampire Stabbed Alice with the sword, chocked her, stuck his Teeth into her and then threw her one kilometre away. He came towards me. I quickly stabbed him in the heart with my non magic sword. Then I ran to Alice.

‘Alice are you ok?’ I said.

‘No,’ Said alice.

Her head was hanging off and her heart had been stabbed.

‘I have a healing potion for you,’ I said.

‘How do I use it?’ said Alice.

‘You drink it silly,’ I said.

Alice laughed and drank it and her wounds healed.


We set off again. As we walked we came across a grave yard. It had undead things walking around.
‘wow,’ said Alice.

‘They probably come from the graves,’ I said.

Just then a zombie came towards us.

‘Hello,’ he said.

He was really weird. He was green with black eyes, he was wearing rags and he had a bow in his hand.

‘He looks pretty friendly,’ whispered Alice.

‘Yeh, he does,’ I said.

‘Shh,’ said the zombie as he reached for an arrow.

‘Ahh,’ screamed Alice.

‘it’s ok,’ said the zombie.

‘you mean you’re not going to kill us?’ said Alice.

‘Of course not,’ said the zombie.

‘Hey I have found them,’ called the zombie.

Just then a person came forward.

‘Hello,’ he said, ‘my name is Joe.’

‘Hi,’ I said.

A woman walked into view.

‘This is my wife Charlotte’, said Joe.

‘Hi,’ said Charlotte.

‘Hey where did the zombie go?’ I asked.

‘I don’t know,’ said Joe.

‘We were told you were coming this way,’ said Charlott.

‘So we decided to give you a gift’ said Joe.

Joe whistled and all the undead things started to chase after us.

‘Help,’ screamed Alice.

‘Is this our gift?’ I screamed.

‘Oh yes,’ said Joe, ‘Some of you undead kill Charlott as well.’

‘I trusted you!’ screamed charlotte.

‘Well, trust me no more’ Joe said.

Alice, Charlotte and I ran up a tree.

‘Help,’ screamed Alice.

‘Ahh,’ I screamed.

Just then a man stepped out. I noticed him straight away it was mr. strong.

‘Oh mr. Strong help us,’ I said.

‘Okay,’ he said and he blasted the undead things and he blasted Joe as well and they became puddles of blood.

Alice, Charlotte and I climbed down.

‘Thank you mr. Strong,’ I said.

Just then another man walked into view. It was Eddie.

‘Hi,’ said Alice.

Then I saw Charlotte looking at him with shining eyes. I tried not to laugh at her. Then mr. Strong spoke.

‘How are we to celebreate the death of Joe?’ he said.

‘Maybe we could tell our secrets,’ said Alice.

‘Ok,’ said Eddie.

‘Okay we will start with Charlott,’ said Alice.

‘I Love Eddie,’ said Charlotte.

Eddie’s face went red.

‘Ok Alice’s turn,’ said Eddie.

‘My parents are devorsing,’ said Alice, ‘ok its Eddies turn.’

‘I love Charlotte,’ said Eddie, ‘now it’s mr. strong’s  turn.’

‘I love Kate,’ said mr. strong.

My face went pale.

‘Who’s Kate,’ alice said to me.

‘My mother,’ I said.

Then I threw up, but nobody saw so it was ok. It was my turn next.

‘Volk is my brother,’ I said.

‘We better rest,’ said mr. strong.

We all went to sleep.

I woke later to Eddie’s voice .

‘Charlotts pregnet and I’m going to be the father,’ said Eddie loudly.

‘Quiet down,’ I said.

‘How do you know?’ said Alice.

‘Because she told me,’ said Eddie.

Everyone was quiet for a minute.

‘Now who’s going on this quest,’ said mr. Strong.

‘Charlotte and I are not going,’ said Eddie.

‘I must go kill more undead,’ said mr. strong.

‘we will go,’ Alice and I cried.

Eddie, charlotte and Mr. Strong left.

Alice and I headed deeper into the forest. Just then I heard someone. A girl the same age as me came into view.

‘hi my name is Sally,’ she said.

‘hi Sally I’m Chella,’ I said,’ and that’s alice.’

Then I noticed that she had a diamond on her forehead.

‘will you come with us?’ Said Alice.

‘ok,’ said Sally.


We walked deeper into the forest and showed Each other our swords. I had the strongest sword because I had the power sword.

‘we have past the middle of the forest,’ I said.

‘so we are nearly out,’ said Alice.

‘No,’ I said.

Alice was being stupid again.

‘Be careful this is the place where it gets really scary,’ said sally.

‘you start seeing your worst fears,’ said sally again.

Then alice screamed.

‘Ah spiders get them off!!!’ Alice screamed.

‘Ahh there a dragon!’ screamed Sally.

‘Oh no its Volk,’ I screamed.

‘After that we see what we really want,’ said Sally.

‘wow I have got a pet cat,’ said Alice.

‘and I have killed Volk,’ I cried.

‘cool my parents are alive,’ said Sally.

‘Now we hold our most powerful wepon’ said Sally.

Alice held the fire sword, I held the power sword and Sally held her power sword too. But hers was weaker than mine.

‘Then it finishes,’ said sally.

‘yay,’ we cried.

‘lets go,’ I said.

We set off. Then a sword appeared in mid air. It was the sword that Alice gave the vampire but it was more powerful now. The sword attacked us then disepiered. Sally looked confused.

‘wow a flying sword,’ said sally.

‘no a killer flying sword,’ I said.

‘Hey Sally how old are you?’ Said alice.

‘This mite sound crazy but I don’t know,’ said Sally.

Alice bursted out Laughing.

‘Be quiet,’ I said, ‘we are being watched.

Sally was looking around with a very scared look on her face. Then my dad came out from the bushes.

‘die!’ he yelled.

‘who is this?’ Sally said to me.

‘my dad,’ I said.

‘We can’t defiet him yet we need a plan,’I said

‘run,’ sally said.

Just then the crystle on my forehead blasted a beam at my father and killed him.

‘Hooray!’ everyone shouted.

After a while we finally got to the end of the forest.

‘Next stop the volcano!’ I said.

Crestal Powers
Uhh... okay... So, as promised... this is one of the first stories I ever wrote. 
I've copied it out from an old diary without changing any grammar or spelling errors (except the document automatically corrected 'i' to 'I'. Literally every 'I' in the story was lower case.). The spelling is all over the place, but wasn't as bad as I thought, and the grammar actually wasn't that bad either. I did actually space out the sentences when I typed it up though, originally it was all just a cluttered mess. I thought it'd be a little easier to read if I fixed that up.

It's hilariously embarrassing.  

I think I wrote this when I was 8. At the time I thought it was brilliant. I ever compared it to Harry Potter (according to a review I wrote on the next page).

Look at how much I've improved though!


(Don't worry. I'll scrap it eventually)

Writing Tag!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 15, 2015, 11:41 PM
Tagged by Rhoder

(1) When did you start writing?

When I was very young. My first 'Young Authors Conference' I attended was when I was 10, and I'm pretty sure I started two years before which would have made me 8. I actually still have a lot of my early stories from back then. They are hilarious to read. I've even considered submitting them on Deviant Art, spelling mistakes and all, just for the comedic value. 

(2) When you were a beginning writer, what did you write primarily? What do you write now, primarily? (i.e. romance, fan-fiction, poetry)

I started off with fantasy and now I primarily write... well... fantasy. Though I do some scifi on occasion and dabble in other stuff here or there. My first finished book I completed when I was 14, and that was a Harry Potter fanfiction that really didn't have much to do with Harry Potter at all in the end. That's one of only two fanfictions I've ever written in my life. The other was based of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Unfortunately, I never finished that one. It was much better than my Harry Potter one.

(3) How often do you write?

Every free day I get. During uni semesters I write considerably less. I try and write everyday during holidays, but sometimes I do skip days if I have a lot of other stuff going on.

(4) When is your favourite time of the day to write?

Whenever I have time. I think that I prefer midday though. At night I tend to get overly tired and find it hard to concentrate.

(5) Do you have a writing muse? If so, who/what?

Well... I don't know about muse. But there are a lot of people who inspire me with their own work. There's, of course, Terry Pratchett, Margaret Weis, R.A. Salvatore, Douglas Adams, Tracy Hickman and plenty more. Plus, there are many writers here on deviant art whose stories are a constant source of inspiration. I see a lot of comments which state 'there aren't a lot of good stories or writers on here', and I have to wonder where they're looking. There are some fantastic writers here, and it's an absolute pleasure to be able to read their work.

(6) What is your most popular lit piece?

On Deviant Art? Well, I think that the prologue to The Plight of Magic has the most favourites. 

(7) What piece are you currently writing?

The Plight of Magic mainly. Sometimes I take a break and work on some other things, but most of them aren't on here.

(8) What is the piece you most recently finished?

Ha... I finished a chapter for something, does that count?

(9) What piece are you most proud of?

Probably the Plight of Magic. It's the furthest I've ever gotten with an original story, and I'm quite impressed with myself for being able to stick with it for so long without getting distracted like I usually do.

(10) What piece are you most disappointed in?

Mmmm... Too many to count really. 

(11) From all your stories, who is/are your favourite character(s) and why? (try to limit it to 3)

Ah, this is tough... But here goes...

Martha - from my Harry Potter fanfiction. She was an average, background character, turned into a skeletal psychopath animated by magic. 

Greyden - Greyden has actually appeared in many of my stories, but has only really fully manifested himself in The Plight of Magic. If I could combine him and his wife, Cartiala, into one, I'd pick them both. I like them together.

Kharlan - Also from The Plight of Magic. Kharlan is a character who has never been written into any of my stories before, but has always been somewhere in my head. She's been my character in many Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, she's been the protagonist in nearly every RPG I've played. She's just there. And now I finally get to write her out properly.

(12) What is the best compliment you ever got on your writing?

A lot of people have a lot of nice things to say, especially on Deviant Art. Generally, when someone tells me that they're enjoying my story I freak out (good freak out). My writing may not be perfect, but it means a lot to have someone genuinely enjoy something I've written. It's a good feeling.

(13) What is your main goal with writing?

To create. Imagination is an amazing, and utilising it is even better. As a writer you have the power to create incredible worlds and characters, and then change and shape them as you tell a story. Then you can share it with others and potentially inspire them. I think it's the closest thing in this world to magic.

(14) Have you ever been published?

Ha, I wish. One day. It's a dream of mine.

(15) If tomorrow you learned that you would never be able to formally publish a story, would you still write?

Definitely. I could always just do what I did when I was a kid... write up books and stash them in library shelves when nobody's looking. In my mind that was publishing.
But, in all seriousness, yes. I write because I enjoy it, and though it would be an enormous bummer that I could never publish my work, at least I can still write, and it doesn't stop people reading my work.

(16) If you could get a Daily Deviation on one of your lit pieces, which would it be?

The Plight of Magic, but since that's not finished, probably some of my short pieces. I always liked Imagine in the Dark.


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When my university stabs me in the wallet...

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 4:32 PM
$300 for a text book.... 300 Auzzie Ds. That's the most painful book I've ever bought. I don't know if that's expensive for you guys, but it's definitely the most costly book I've ever bought. Unfortunately, it was mandatory, so I had no choice. A lot of the time I get away without buying textbooks at all, or I buy them for cheaper online. This book was just as expensive online though. 

...It better have pictures in it.

Anyway, I have finished my first week of uni (as my class was cancelled today, and Friday is my day off). And... it's alright so far. Geophysics was hard to concentrate in. As you'd expect, there's a lot of maths involved and that puts me to sleep. We're starting on gravity, which is alright I guess. I was also given my first assignment for that class. I have to give a presentation on electrical conductivity and induced polarization in a few weeks time. I don't suppose anyone's into physics?

My other class, optical mineralogy (the one that requires the expensive text book) was alright. The lecture pretty much consisted of my lecturer bagging out biologists. We're spending the first few weeks looking at mineral thin sections with petrographic microscopes. The microscopes took a bit to get used to. They're pretty complex in comparison to any other microscope I've used before, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Under it, the thin sections look amazing! Well, some do... some just look clear. Biotite in particular looked interesting. If I had the ability I'd take pictures and show you all. 

I didn't have Australian Flora this week, but we'll see how it goes next week.


Journal Skin by: Zaellrin



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

Firstly, I am an Australian university student who is studying Geology. I also have passion for writing and drawing. One of my biggest goals in life is to become a published author, although at the moment I'm working on just finishing a book. I joined deviant art because I love seeing other people's work, and would love to get feedback on my own pieces. So far it has helped me grow so much, particularly concerning my writing.

So yes, feel free to say hello!

Check out my ongoing original novel here:
The Plight of Magic

Should I create some fact/information sheets detailing races, fauna, flora, lore, historical and geological events, historical figures etc. from my story The Plight of Magic? 

13 deviants said Yes.
1 deviant said Don't care.
No deviants said No.

Quote/lyrics of the week.

I know a farmer who looks after the farm.
With water clear, he cares for all his harvest.
I know a fireman who looks after the fire.
- Supper's Ready, Genesis


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